Golf is one of those sports where both etiquette and dress code plays a crucial part in the overall game. There are different dress codes that vary relying upon the kind of course. It’s essential for golfers to understand what to anticipate in different golfing scenario.

Golf Outfits For Country Club Courses:

For your knowledge private country club courses follows the strictest of dress code guidelines. When attending these kind of courses, all golfers should put on a collared shirt, preferably a shirt with buttons down the front. At these kinds of private courses, polo shirts are becoming more acceptable. Shirts should be ruffled into a pair of golf pants, either Khaki pants or slacks. Though Bermuda style shorted are allowed at some private country clubs, but not all of them, so check with the club in advance.

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Golf Outfits For Municipal Courses:

These type of golf courses probably have the highest variety of dress-code. Some are pretty casual & permit players to put on cargo pants & shirts, jeans, or a T-shirt, whereas others permit any denim. It’s essential to take into account your comfort level; it mayn’t be the ideal option to put on a pair of jeans for a round of 18 holes, even though it meet the club’s dress-code. When you want to play at a new golf course, you’re advised to make sure about the dress-code prior to arriving.

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Golf Outfits for Driving Ranges:

There are actually no specific dress-code requirements when entering in a driving range. However, golfers are advised to put on apparels that are breathable, lightweight, and provide maximum body movement to acquire the free swing of your both arm. If you never ever have been to driving range before and don’t wish to look disorganized, the best recommendation to put on common golf clothing: slacks and a collared shirt. Caps and gloves are also advised for the driving range.

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