Boxing gloves are the proper gear for the boxing sport. A right pair of gloves can help you to practice well or get ready to take on a fight in the boxing ring. Your boxing gloves are important and play a big role in enhancing your performance in both the practice session and game. Normally, the boxing gloves are measured in units such as ounces or oz. You should always opt for the perfect pair of boxing gloves that suits your weight to get the best results.

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1. About Getting a Right Size:

It is believed bigger gloves offer more padding, which ensures better hand/wrist protection. Most of the professional boxers are found to be using heavier gloves during their training or practice sessions. The heavier gloves allow the player’s hand to move slowly during the practice session, which will make their move fast during the real fight. Each glove has a special purpose and is meant to develop certain skills; this makes it important for you to choose the right pair for your practice session or game round.

2. Different Types of Boxing Gloves:

Sparring Gloves:

The sparring gloves are basically thickly padded gloves that are eventually designed to build up your stamina and endurance level. These types of sparring gloves are meant to develop skill and technique of a player. The sparring gloves have a balanced padding from the knuckle area to the wrist and offer more cushioning.

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Bag Gloves:

The makers of boxing gloves always keep in mind the safety of the players. For your practice or training session, you can choose the right pair of bag gloves. The bag gloves can effectively protect your hands. Normally the bag gloves are used by the players on speedballs, heavy bags, double-end bags and other training equipment. The modern bag gloves are good for a practice session on punch bags.

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Training Gloves:

The training gloves are suitable for all amateurs and professional boxers. These types of boxing gloves are made for all kinds of training sessions like sparring, heavy bags and mitts practice. The training gloves are good for the starters or the people who have just started to learn boxing.

3. Select the Right One:

Make sure to choose a snug fit pair of boxing gloves (with room for hand wraps) that will keep your hand safe inside. Boxing gloves are available in the different form of materials like leather and vinyl, from which you can make the right purchase.

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4. Maintaining the Boxing Gloves:

After use, you should dry out properly your sweaty and wet boxing gloves. You can dry out properly the boxing gloves after every training session by hanging them in a suitable way and do not forget to spray the glove deodorant that will kill the fungus and prolong the life of the gloves.

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